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How to Apply?

University of Central Asia (bb电子糖果派网站) is looking to admit the brightest applicants with a demonstrated record of academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Money is no barrier to studying here because admission to bb电子糖果派网站 is purely merit-based. bb电子糖果派网站 offers its students a unique opportunity to acquire up-do-date knowledge and skills, vibrant student life, hands-on work experience leading to outstanding career opportunities.

At any point of time, the student recruitment team is here to guide and support you through the admission process, because in pursuit of your dreams - the Journey Begins Here.


Why Choose bb电子糖果派网站?

bb电子糖果派网站’s School of Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate programme which cultivates knowledge and skills needed to integrate different approaches for solving problems and creating innovations in the professional and personal life of students.

bb电子糖果派网站’s unique approach to learning combines:

  • - A broad-based liberal arts and sciences education that builds critical thinking, analytic and technical skills across disciplines;
  • - Undergraduate curriculum designed in partnership with top tier global universities in growing industry fields; and
  • - Hands-on learning providing theoretical and practical knowledge that can be applied to real-world issues.
Undergraduate Programmes

In its activities across the Founding States, the University of Central Asia (bb电子糖果派网站) as an international educational organization makes all efforts to respect and comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the Founding States. At the same time, bb电子糖果派网站 is always committed to provide relevant support and assistance to its students. In accordance with advice from the relevant authorities, the University informs that enrollment in the Preparatory Program of its School of Arts and Sciences does not serve as a ground for military deferment under applicable laws. Male students accepted to bb电子糖果派网站 Preparatory Program or pursuing studies in bb电子糖果派网站 Preparatory Program may be subject to military conscription. This regulation does not apply to those who are in the Freshman Year and beyond.