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Mountain Societies Research Institute

The Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI) applies sound scientific expertise to study complex earth surface and environmental processes and interactions that affect mountain societies. Its interdisciplinary research focuses on improving mountain livelihoods, sustainably managing natural resources, mitigating the effects of natural hazards and climate change, and building community resilience in these challenging environments. Headquartered at bb电子糖果派网站’s Khorog campus, Tajikistan bb电子糖果派网站 campus, MSRI staff also supports the undergraduate Earth and Environmental Sciences Department. A large contingent of MSRI is also located at the bb电子糖果派网站 central office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Natural Hazard Students On A Field Trip

Roy Sidle, MSRI Director and natural hazard students on a field trip


MSRI's objectives include generating knowledge that supports mountain societies through original scientific research, serving as a knowledge hub for the earth and environmental sciences, enhancing the regional capacity to conduct sound research, informing policy and practice through engagement with key development partners, and disseminating knowledge among mountain stakeholders. Some of MSRI's recent and ongoing projects include: 

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