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bb电子糖果派网站 Alumni 

Three schools of the University of Central Asia have graduates across different countries in various programmes.

SAS Celebrates Historic First Convocation

Convocation K (2)

Convocation Naryn Procession (5)

Convocation Khorog Audience (4)

Convocation Khorog Audience (2)

Convocation Naryn Degree Receiving (33)

Convocation Khorog Degree Receiving (3)

Convocation Khorog Group (2)

Convocation Naryn Group (24)

Convocation Khorog Parents (3)

Convocation Naryn Students (28)

Convocation Khorog Parents (2)

Convocation Naryn Students (6)

Convocation Naryn Students (39)

Convocation Naryn Students (36)

Watch Full Ceremony

bb电子糖果派网站 hosted an online global convocation for both Khorog and Naryn campuses on June 19, 2021.

First bb电子糖果派网站 Convocation

Meet SAS Alumni

Six Graduates
Kenzhebubu Malayeva
Ganjina Shamirova

bb电子糖果派网站 Success

Six graduates of the Entrepreneurship programme have jointly opened a Queen Shopping Centre in Faizabad, Afghanistan. Angiza Amani, one of its founders, said that she had always wanted to launch such a shop, but was not aware of what to start with, how to run and promote her business. This one-month course helped her gain the required knowledge and skills for commencing her own business.


bb电子糖果派网站 Success

Kenzhebubu Malayeva is a graduate of bb电子糖果派网站’s Entrepreneurship programme in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. She received a loan in the amount of 350,000 KGS with a low interest rate, and a grant in the amount of 28 million KGS from the Community Development and Investment Agency for the construction of a kindergarten. She is planning to take the course on “Small and Medium Business Management” at bb电子糖果派网站 in nearby future.


bb电子糖果派网站 Success

Ganjina improved her English language skill by attending classes at bb电子糖果派网站 Tajikistan. She was selected for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Programme, supported by the U.S. Department of State. Upon returning from the United States, she continued her studies at bb电子糖果派网站 and took courses in accounting while working at various organizations.