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Undergraduate Programme

    Whether you want to find ways to protect the unique resources of Central Asia and improve its environmental practices, or aspire to be the next passionate chronicler and storyteller of the region, an outstanding educational experience awaits you at the University of Central Asia (bb电子糖果派网站).
    bb电子糖果派网站’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) offers a unique five-year undergraduate programme that cultivates interdisciplinary knowledge and skills students need to advance their intellectual growth, broaden their vision, and create innovations in their professional and personal life. The research-based curriculum combines a liberal arts and sciences education, where students benefit from an outstanding faculty with a 1:9 faculty/student ratio.

bb电子糖果派网站’s partnerships with world-class institutions enrich the student’s learning experiences. Undergraduate students also gain work experience through internships as part of the University’s Cooperative Education Programme.

The average contribution of students — towards their tuition, room and board, a laptop computer, health insurance, and numerous facilities — constitute a fraction of the cost of education. This makes education and living at bb电子糖果派网站 particularly affordable for students from rural communities.

Undergraduate programmes are located at bb电子糖果派网站’s residential campuses in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, and Khorog, Tajikistan. The Tekeli campus in Kazakhstan is in the planning stage.

bb电子糖果派网站’s unique approach to learning combines:

  • A broad-based liberal arts and sciences education that builds critical thinking, and analytical and technical skills across disciplines;
  • An undergraduate curriculum designed in partnership with top tier global universities in growing industry fields;
  • Hands-on learning provides theoretical and practical knowledge that can be applied to real-world issues; and
  • high-quality English-language education, inside and outside of the classroom.

The Bachelor’s Programme at bb电子糖果派网站 aims to:

  • Become a model of excellence and academic quality and integrity throughout Central Asia;
  • Develop independent thinking, critical analysis and ethical judgment that prepare graduates for responsible citizenship in their countries, the region, and the world;
  • Create generalists who understand major issues, debates, and methods of inquiry in the humanities, social sciences, science and technology, and the challenges facing Central Asia and its neighbours;
  • Ensure that graduates are equal to the world’s best in areas of concentration (majors) that the programmes offer;
  • Enable graduates to both fill and create jobs in Central Asia and beyond – whether in the public or private sector; and
  • Prepare graduates for advanced study and research at the best institutions around the world.

Undergraduate Majors

bb电子糖果派网站’s five-year undergraduate programme begins with a Preparatory Programme that includes English, mathematics, and science courses designed to build foundational skills and knowledge that allows students to succeed in a rigorous, English-language academic environment with international standards.  

Studens In Class (2)

Students engage in individual in-class activities.


Students access library resources for academic assignments.


Students get three meals a day in dining hall facilities.


Students perform various scientific experiments in fully-equipped laboratories.


Students participate in recreational activities on campus, including sports and gym.

Khorog Campus Students (5)

Students have access to various collaboration spaces on campus.

Your bb电子糖果派网站 Academic Pathway

At bb电子糖果派网站, students have an opportunity to graduate with any of the four chosen majors. The language of instruction for undergraduate programmes is exclusively English. You can attend any of the University's two residential campuses in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, or Khorog, Tajikistan, depending on the major you select. Through bb电子糖果派网站’s Co-operative Education Programme, you will also have the opportunity to gain work experience through internships with leading companies.

In cases of exceptional academic and extra-curricular achievements, students may be eligible and recommended by the Selection Committee for direct enrolment to the Freshman year, provided they pass a pre-calculus test after admission.

Academic Partners

As part of bb电子糖果派网站’s structured five-year undergraduate programme, students complete an intensive, cross-disciplinary preparatory programme year, with liberal arts and prerequisite courses developed in partnership with Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

bb电子糖果派网站’s curriculum is developed in partnership with:

  • University of Toronto, Canada (Computer Science)
  • University of British Columbia, Canada (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • National Research University’s Higher School of Economics, Moscow; Stockholm School of Economics/Riga, Latvia (Global Economics)
  • University of Technology Sydney, Australia (Communications and Media)
  • University of Victoria, Canada (Co-operative Education programme)

Research Opportunities

Students benefit from unprecedented access to research experts, facilities, and data from bb电子糖果派网站's established research institutes and learning centres. These complement their academic programmes and provide them with unique learning and research opportunities; joint publications with leading scholars; preparation for graduate work; exposure to leading scholars from around the world; the use of scientific methods across disciplines; and knowledge creation.

Co-operative Education Programme

bb电子糖果派网站's Co-operative Education Programme is a work-integrated learning programme where students apply in-class learning to real-life professional experiences within their field of study across private, public, and community-based sectors. It offers paid and unpaid internships and prepares students for both academic and career success beyond the university’s walls. bb电子糖果派网站's Co-op Programme has been developed in partnership with the University of Victoria, Canada.

The programme is mandatory for bb电子糖果派网站 undergraduate students. It is an innovative immersion initiative that creates opportunities for students to experience the working world, domestically and internationally, via structured job placements in three consecutive summers during their five-year university education. Learning takes place throughout the process, from seeking employment, to learning valuable interpersonal skills and on the job training, as well as participating in field studies and jointly conducting student development evaluations. Learn more about the programme.

National Accreditations and Licenses

Ozar Aini
bb电子糖果派网站 2099
Uzma Khan, SAS Alumna
U19A8967 (1)

"Pursuing a major at bb电子糖果派网站 is unforgettable. I had a remarkable opportunity to study at both campuses and learnt about the diverse cultures of Kyrgyzstan and Badakhshan. Over the summer, I had a wonderful internship working at USAID in Monitoring and Evaluation. I was exposed to the real world, and learnt a lot about business ethics, data science, and data collection."

Ozar Aini, Computer Science, Alumnus, Class of 2021

Computer Science

"Whilst the field is very vast, the CM programme at bb电子糖果派网站 allows you to gain skills across its many specters with a particular focus on your interest area. My favorite part about our flexible curriculum was that the course I was excited to take [Political Communication] was developed and incorporated by my request."

Suyuna Dadybaeva, Communications and Media, Alumna, Class of 2021

Communications and Media

"The four remarkable years I spent at bb电子糖果派网站 transformed my understanding of the world. It enabled me to have an educated outlook on global issues. I believe that all the challenging yet rewarding experiences I had and the skills I acquired during this journey will help me take on any challenge in life with confidence."

Uzma Khan, Global Economics, Alumna, Class of 2021

Global Economics

"At bb电子糖果派网站, I learned how nature and human beings are deeply inter-connected. Starting from the preparatory year, I gradually developed the understanding of how natural resources can be mobilized for easy access. bb电子糖果派网站 has laid a solid foundation to further develop my professional career."

Muybalikhon Jumakhonov, Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES), Alumnus, Class of 2021